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Align your life today

Align is Jersey’s first multi-disciplinary health and wellness agency. We are committed to providing the island with the best health and wellness services, from chiropractic to craniosacral therapy and pain management techniques, emotional wellness and counselling services to mind and body coaching. Our services and treatments are ever-growing and our team of specialists look after all ages and support all manner of issues.

Please click here to read our risk assessment procedure information upon arriving for your appointment.


Align Specialist Services

The team at Align is made up of highly qualified, talented and experienced practitioners. We work together to provide our clients with preventative and holistic solutions to ensure optimum wellness.

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

An effective treatment for any myofascial and musculoskeletal pain.

Ayurvedic Therapies

It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. It’s main goal is to promote good health, using proactive care.



Our award-winning chiropractic treatments relieve musculoskeletal pain and emotional stresses.


A gentle, hands on approach to manage your spiritual health and wellbeing.

Align Empowerment

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is all about you. It treats each person as a unique individual.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a deep massage that uses soothing oils and warm basalt pebbles.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a deep massage, using a variety of pressure and techniques.


Reflexology aims to bring about homeostasis by applying pressure to specific points in the feet.


Reiki is a gentle and effective energy healing therapy for your mind and body.

Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage techniques and treatments for injuries and general health and wellbeing.

Sundari Facials

Tailored to you, to include cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extraction where necessary, and a treatment specific massage and mask.

Swedish Massage

Performed to energise the body and improve overall health.

Membership Packages

Join one of our membership programmes receive up to 28% off treatments and save hundreds on your health every year.

Memberships can be used against any treatment such as chiropractic maintenance sessions, sports and remedial massage, acupuncture and dry needling, emotional wellness or counselling session, craniosacral therapy, mind-body health coaching, reiki, reflexology or a session with our personal trainer.

  • Bronze

  • £57 pcm

    • One treatment allocated to you every month
    • Savings of 5-20% off standard pricing
    • Only £57 per session!
  • Silver

  • £108 pcm

    • Two treatments allocated to you every month
    • Savings of 11-25% off standard pricing
    • Only £54 per session!
  • Gold

  • £200 pcm

    • Four treatments allocated to you every month
    • 10% off any additional treatments
    • 3 x free guest treatment vouchers annually to the value of £50
    • Savings of 18-31% off standard pricing
    • Only £50 per session!
  • Couple

  • £208 pcm

    • Four treatments allocated to a registered couple every month
    • 3 x free guest treatment vouchers annually to the value of £50
    • Savings of 15-28% off standard pricing
    • Only £52 per session!

The added benefit of signing up today is that there is no start-up administration fee to pay, all you need to do is settle your first month’s installment and as soon as we receive it you will be able to use your allocated sessions. We can take your first monthly payment over the phone or you can make a bank transfer, thereafter it will be taken by direct debit on the first of every month. A hassle-free way of maintaining your health with peace of mind and support, join up today and begin your journey to optimum wellness. 

Join our membership today and save!

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Health is a journey, not a destination

Our ethos is to make optimum wellness accessible to all through our team-based collaboration of diverse health practitioners. We focus on whole-health, which means supporting all elements of wellbeing. We believe that good health is a journey and not just a destination and our team are with you every step of the way.


An array of services to combat pain, fatigue, stiffness and inflammation using the best techniques and treatments.


Support to enhance your emotional wellbeing and encourage mindfulness and stronger mental health.


A range of treatments and services to promote spiritual fulfilment and a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Our services are designed to encourage optimum individual wellness, which in turn impacts our overall community.


Client testimonials

In addition to having a first class client focussed approach, Shona is simply outstanding at what she does. She has a fantastic and rare ability to quickly identify areas of [tightness/soreness/tension/ etc] requiring attention and apply the right level of [pressure/treatment] in order to remedy the issue. She and the team at Align are an absolute pleasure to interact with and provide a first class and all round wellness package”.


Over twenty years of chronic pain and numerous back ops and treatments have now been brought under control thanks to Marie-Christine, she has literally changed my life... no more crazy prescriptions of toxic crap, no more lying there completely unable to move for days on end.. no more wondering what it’d be like to be pain free and positive.

Lucy Sanderson

4 years ago a friend of a friend suggested that I speak to Nick regarding some personal training. Since that time I have never looked back. Not only is he an incredibly effective PT when all is well, he is able to work with other health professionals overseas prior to and, following serious surgery and chemotherapy etc. His ability to speed up and improve convalescence and physical conditioning post health treatment is fantastic. His ability to do this in a humorous manner whilst being sensitive to your energy levels is great.

Rob Kirkby

As a fellow Healthcare Professional, it’s been an honour and a privilege to work for many years with Dr Dix. You will struggle to find anyone else on this Island as skilled, caring and as concerned for their patients wellbeing as Marie-Christine.

Chris Duquemin CST

New Vision Therapy Centre

Align formally known as Back to Balance has helped me through some standard physical traumas in life such as pregnancy and childbirth as well as the less traumatic, but equally debilitating, pains of stress and misalignment. Marie-Christine treatments have helped keep my frame balanced and my body mobile. Every time I see her it is like pressing the 'reset button' and it unlocks my body.


Yann is a lovely, bouncy boy whose conditions include hyperactivity and difficulties with perception and his senses, which affect his behaviour and handwriting. He is also hyper-vigilant and was struggling at school. Yann loves his sessions and his symptoms have improved substantially; he sleeps better, has a much healthier appetite and his handwriting has improved. His experience of school is a lot more positive and his hyper-vigilance has reduced (except when anxious or tired).


I was having a difficult time at school, feeling stressed and emotional. The treatment was really relaxing and Julie made me feel at ease. I felt great afterwards and much happier, as if things were going to be easier to deal with.


I had constant muzzy head, fatigue, balance, night sweats and neck pain; welcome to the menopause – HRT was prescribed. I also had tingling in the fingers, which was diagnosed as poly carpal syndrome for which surgery was recommended. After CranioSacral therapy… NO HRT, and NO surgery for me.


My teenage daughter has had a few treatments and is always ‘a different kid’ afterwards; visibly much happier and more relaxed, which is wonderful during exams and stressful teenage years. As well as releasing stress, Julie’s CranioSacral sessions have also greatly helped with easing aches and pains.


I had been having severe pain problems with my right arm and shoulder. Julie found the source of that problem in the first session and the symptoms resolved. She also identified things that had happened to my body in the past, without any prior prompts, and has been working to resolve those too. I feel so wonderfully relaxed and at peace during my sessions.


I had no experience of CranioSacral therapy, even though I have been a therapist and tutor of alternative/complementary therapies for many years. I must admit I was amazed at both the treatment itself and the skill with which Julie applied it. I could almost feel the effect as it happened.


When I first went to see Julie I felt that my life was stuck. I was in an unsuitable job which was bringing me down, but for some reason I could not move on. From the beginning the results were remarkable. I was invited to three interviews and within six months had found a new job where I am far happier. I have regained my ‘joie de vivre’ and life keeps getting better.


I have recommended Julie’s treatments to many friends and also to patients who have pains which doctors struggle to explain and can often be caused by stress which needs releasing in the central nervous system rather than injury. They have also seen great results.


I was shocked how such a gentle, relaxing technique could work such miracles. After just one session I felt so much 'lighter' and able to cope, as well as helping with my migraines.  I then booked my teenage daughter in with Julie as she had become very emotional due to hormones and major changes in our family circumstances; again, with just one session, she felt so much relief and was so much happier.


I contacted Anne as, after many years of smoking, quitting and then smoking again I wanted to stop without the help of smoking cessation drugs. The first time I met Anne she put me completely at ease. The whole process was stress free. Anne made me feel completely relaxed. I am now a non-smoker, free to get on with my life. I am delighted and highly recommend anyone wishing to stop smoking painlessly to contact Anne.

Debbie S

I first went to see Anne after suffering with anxiety and panic attacks on holiday. Every time I went away, even to destinations that I had been to before, I became very anxious and didn't want to be there and longed to be at home which felt safe. Anne was fantastic from the minute I first met her, she puts you at ease straight away by explaining what she is going to do. This helped me greatly. I went on a special holiday and had the most amazing time; I was able to eat and drink and go in lifts without worrying. I have recommended Anne to family members and friends.

Karen Hoy

Anne equipped me with tools and techniques, which changed my life from one restricted by fear and anxiety. She immediately puts you at ease, is completely professional in her approach and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


We started cognitive hypnotherapy sessions as we were about to undergo our second round of IVF. As our first attempt failed, we were not feeling confident. The sessions really helped to realign our thought processes and our confidence and attitude completely changed. We now have a beautiful baby girl – I’m confident that if we hadn't gone into the treatment with confidence and hope, the treatment was less likely to work. Many thanks.

Sophie H

My problem was irritated and restless legs. It wasn’t that they hurt me, they just ached and were sometimes jumpy during the night. After the massage Ciara was able to give me a summary of what may be causing my issue and advised me of the stretches I could do in my own time to reduce the problem. I left feeling like I was walking on air and slept like a baby that night!

Nikki Zachariou

Uberedge Dance Company and School 

I started seeing Ciara when I was five months pregnant and starting to get lower back and hip ache. I was put completely at ease and felt very welcome. I went on to have treatments each month until my little one was born. Each was tailored to meet my changing needs as I progressed through pregnancy and even areas I didn't realise were under strain before the sessions were also dealt with!

Helen Vieira

Pregnancy Massage

Thank you for your input into the Danish National Cricket Team on our recent trip to the European Championships in Jersey. Without your expertise and professional service I don’t think we would have managed to go seven days with a full squad players!

Simon Talbot

Danish National Team Coach

Thank you very much for your help during our stay. It was a very good help to my players – without this, many of them certainly would have not been able to play five matches during seven days.

Ole Roland

Secretary General, Danish National Cricket

After several years of increasing pain in my shoulder I finally followed the recommendation of a friend. In just three sessions Ciara has sorted my shoulder out. A sports massage does go deep, but it also works. Ciara is very professional, patient, knowledgeable and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending Ciara to anyone who has short or long term injuries or just aches and pains.

Carl Corbel

Having sustained a serious ankle fracture, Ciara has been instrumental in my recovery. So many people overlook muscular damage and simply concentrate on healing the bones. With regular massage I was back to full mobility well ahead of time. For someone who didn't rate massage as a treatment, I am now a complete convert and I still have regular maintenance sessions.

Marisa Ballantyne

Sports massage was something that evoked the word fear in my mind. Ciara arrived at my home, a treat in itself with two young children. Ciara was totally professional, answered my 101 questions and my muscles certainly knew they had been worked. No longer, am I in acute pain. I definitely recommend trying a sports massage and hopefully it will relieve you of back pain as it has done me.

Zoë Hotton

Ciara Ahern was of huge benefit to me in the run up to the end of Jersey RFC's 1st XV season. Had it not been for the effective and thorough treatment provided, I would not have played any part in the National League 3 Championship semi final, the Siam Cup or the Championship final at Twickenham.

Brendan O’Brien

I came to Marie-Christine Dix because I was suffering with lower back pain, pins and needles in my legs and pain between the shoulders. My treatments were immediately effective. My pain has eased off considerably and the lifestyle tips that I have been given have helped keep the pain away. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of chiropractic treatment.


Lower back pain & Sciatica

I had a severe scoliosis, disc removed in early 1990s, pain on walking distance or taking long strides. I was apprehensive but found my treatment relaxing with only minimal discomfort. It produced very good results; the initial course of treatment gave relief and I've had no problems since.

Sue De La Mare


I recently brought my nine-month old son, following two months of unsettled behaviour (not sleeping, fussy eating, general unhappiness) - we were at our wits end. After the first few treatments we saw an overall improvement in his mood and behaviour and by the sixth treatment he was sleeping through the night again and being much more active and happy - back to his normal self.


Colicy Behaviour in Baby

After finding out that my headaches were nothing to do with my eyesight, or any other condition, my GP suggested I try a chiropractor. After just a few visits the fact I finished three rounds of golf at the Belfry last weekend was something I thought impossible a couple of weeks before the trip.

Mr S Jewell


After having a very serious fall, I still found myself in considerable pain and contacted Marie-Christine Dix. On her investigating further, it was found I had sustained further injury, but with the help of my surgeon and Dr Marie-Christine Dix I am now on the road to recovery.

Miss Susan Mauger

Back pain following a fall

I have suffered with sinus problems all my life. It has been a great relief what she has done for me. I can breathe properly now.

Mrs P Gueno


I have had a chronically bad back, neck and shoulders for decades due to my work… Whilst I've come to believe there won't be a complete cure for me, for the first time in my working life, I have a very comfortable and happy back most of the time. So thank you again. Marie-Christine for such a lifestyle improvement.

Dr Jonathon Wood (BDS)

Back, neck & shoulder pain