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6 weeks to kick-start your health

Looking to kick-start your health into action? Want to begin the New Year with the right plan? Looking for a gift with a difference? Looking for a health programme you can start at any time?

Our 6-week kick-start your health programme is for you!

We already have a fantastic “12 Week To Align Your Health” programme which gives you an in-depth analysis of your overall health before and after. However, we also saw the need for a programme that is shorter in time but without compromising on what we believe in which is addressing your “whole health”. In addition, it was important we designed a programme to help kick-start that positive health mind shift required to start your journey. As a result, our 6-week programme will give you a taster into the health benefits you can feel, but most of all we want to inspire and motivate people to continue on their journey to better health.

There is so much research out there on the benefits of fitness, good nutrition and other holistic treatments; tackling these individually can give you immediate results, however, combining these you can achieve greater results. Regular exercise has been proven to help reduce lifestyle-related health issues like some cancers, type 2 diabetes, strokes and coronary heart disease, as well as improving sleep, increasing moods and helping overcome depression in some cases.  Chiropractic and Sports Massage can also help with many other health conditions and you can read more about these benefits by visiting: https://www.align.je/services/chiropractic-and-osteopathy or https://www.align.je/services/sports-and-remedial-massage.

What can you expect?

Full Examination and Consultation


x2 – Start and Finish
Full MOT Check –Blood pressure, BMI, Wellness score x2 – Start and Finish
Personal Training Session x2 30minute sessions per week – Including a fit test at the start and finish
Chiropractic Treatments


x1  per week
Sports and Remedial Massage


x1 30 minute session per week
Nutritional Guidance


This is guidance and advice only


How much will it cost you?

We should be asking “What will be the cost to your health if you don’t join today?”

You will receive 28 sessions over the course of the 6-week programme from our experienced and highly qualified practitioners. Additionally, you can have all this for the incredible cost of £740, which is as little as £27 per session. Furthermore, we offer interest-free credit through a third party provider (their own terms and conditions apply). Please note we also offer interest-free credit options for our 12-week programmes https://www.align.je/services/12-weeks-to-align-your-health.

With these bargain rates for a premier service, you would be crazy to not pick up that phone. Start your health journey today by calling 789367 to get booked in.

Kelly Keating
Operations Director

Operations Director Kelly is one of the four founders of Align and is a qualified HR professional with over 10 years’ experience in this field.

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