Five tricks to boost your immune system and protect yourself against disease | Align Jersey
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Five tricks to boost your immune system and protect yourself against disease

Much has changed over the last two years, least of all our working practices and personal activity levels. For some the opportunity to make lifestyle changes has seen positive changes to their musculoskeletal health and general health, while others have experienced increased pain and difficulty. And one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people who have struggled to make the changes is time, specifically the lack of time.

So how can you make improvements to your health in a diary with no gaps?

D3, a good quality omega oil and a probiotic. And a good holiday in the sunshine!


Water – it aids the transport of oxygen around the body, it helps to excrete harmful products and it reduces the stress on the heart. Add a squeeze of lemon, the vitamin C will boost the immune system, or raw apple cider vinegar, healthy bacteria will boost digestion.

Fruit, veg, nuts – it’s a bit of a no brainer. We all will know that they are essential to our diets and our health as they are the best source for vitamins, minerals, and healthy oils, yet it is estimated that less than 20% of the population meet the advised minimum. So, some quick and easy sources are grapes, nuts, a banana, or sliced apples and pears in a Tupperware in a diluted lemon solution to stop them ‘browning’.

Walking – it’s the cheapest exercise we have and excellent for muscle, bone, heart, and lung health. Try lamppost walking: speed walk two lampposts and ease walk for one. Walk to work. If that’s not possible then park further away from work and get an extra five minutes of walking in. Join a walking group and increase your circle of friends. Borrow a friend’s dog for company.

Breathing – did you know that most of the population are chest breathers? So how should we breathe? Primarily belly with chest. Oxygen is a great de-stressor. Find a private spot for five minutes each day and practice breathing. Lie down, place a hand on your chest and one on your stomach. And breath! Expand your stomach first and then follow with your chest expansion – keep it gentle and keep it steady. You might find it difficult at first, so practice it. Remember, your diaphragm is a muscle, and like any muscle it needs exercise.

Supplement – if there are any supplements, I would recommend they are vitamin supplements and we love https://www.thefoodstatecompany.com/ as they are derived from plant sources NOT chemicals. Use code Align10 for 10% off.

The human body, as with anything in nature, is about balance. Get that right and disease is kept to the minimum; even if you get ill a good balance in health and lifestyle will reduce the illnesses impact on you. It frustrates me to have listened to all the scaremongering and negative hype over the last two years when neither the media or the health agencies have discussed much about how to boost the immune system.

Make one change. Just one! Practice it until you’ve embraced it and then make another. Before long you’ve made a lifestyle change that is sustainable. And you’ve just boosted your health too.

That isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Let’s toast your good health … glass of water anyone?


Dr Ian McFarlane DC MChiro

Doctor of Chiropractic

Marie-Chrstine Dix
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) M.Chiro & Managing Director

Jersey-born chiropractor Marie-Christine, is dedicated to promoting good health choices within the island’s community.