How can you improve your immunity through drinking water? | Align Jersey
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How can you improve your immunity through drinking water?

In the last blog I wrote about 5 ways to improve your immunity through simple activities you can complete at home and work. Some of you have asked for more details so the next couple of blogs will address exactly that.

How can you improve your immunity through drinking water?

Water is the largest constituent in our bodies: approximately 60-70% of total body mass. And it is used in every human function. Water is a key component in the body’s main barriers to disease: skin, enzymes in the skin oil, the mucous membranes (eyes, nose and mouth) and stomach acid, as well as the immune response, the body’s mechanism to fight disease. Without fresh water the performance of your immune system declines. Water is like engine oil: without it your system will seize rapidly – zero fluids for 3-5 days and the average person will die.

Drinking plenty of fresh water will help to maintain the integrity of your body’s function. So how much fresh water should you drink? An internet search suggested anywhere between 2-4 litres which is not that helpful. So here’s a simple trick: target 2 litres of fresh water and be guided by your pee – no smells and with just a hint of colour, ie, almost clear. And look for consistency. What I mean but that is how your pee appears over three or more days. Why? Because when you’re dehydrated it can take three plus days to rehydrate – you cannot replenish your fluids by gulping two litres in an hour; or even a day.

Get the consumption right and you might only need 1.5 litres per day, or maybe you require 3 litres per day – like anything human, its a personal journey and dependent on many things like level of activity, environmental temperature, general health and also your eating and drinking habits.

Question: should I wait until I feel thirsty? The straight forward answer is no, its unreliable as your awareness can be easily distracted – drinking water has to be habitual.

Here’s another question: how does alcohol and coffee affect water in our bodies? Good question although the answer is not so inviting. Simply put, any manufactured foods and drinks will impact on the body negatively. One pint of alcohol demands a lot of water to flush the toxins away: three to five pints of water. Measure by measure coffee is similar. Sugar has a high affinity for water too, as do many other manufactured foods.

And yet another question: can you drink too much fresh water? Absolutely. Suffice to say, watch your pee!

Drinking a glass of water will not cure you of a serious illness but under the right circumstances, drinking the correct amount will stop you from dying.

Its believed that over 70% of the population (UK) is dehydrated at any one time, partly because they don’t drink enough fresh water and partly because of what they eat and drink each day. There is no substitute for fresh water and without it your immune system is compromised because your immune system requires water to function at its highest level, as does every other system in the human body.

But it tastes bland, boring, horrible!

Actually fresh water doesn’t taste of anything. When I first arrived in Jersey and tasted the tap water – it was horrible – I started buying bottled water. Its not the water that tasted horrible, it was whatever Jersey Water adds to it that impacts on the taste. Fresh water can be an acquired taste but that’s only because of your taste buds’ conditioning. How many reformed smokers have described the positive changes in their taste buds or those that have banished sugar from their diets reported something similar. We get so used to fluids with added taste it can be hard to appreciate the taste of fresh water – and yet without it your body is struggling.

I don’t suggest you turn into water puritans, I’m definitely not. I like my coffee (1-2 per day), and I like the occasional beer (or three), crisps, burgers, and dark chocolate too. Enjoy life. Enjoy food. Just don’t do it at the expense of your health. Prevention is far more effective than the cure, and far less painful.

There’s a reason why humans are 60-70% water … I’ve no idea why, but what I do understand is that drinking water supports my heart function, maintains good blood pressure, and ensures my immune system operates at its max.

Your immune system doesn’t compensate for bad eating and drinking habits, it will decline like any other system in your body. Like your heart your immune system requires looking after, and that means good food, good fluids, and a good physical and mental state too.


Happy drinking!


Dr Ian McFarlane DC MChiro

Doctor of Chiropractic


Marie-Chrstine Dix
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) M.Chiro & Managing Director

Jersey-born chiropractor Marie-Christine, is dedicated to promoting good health choices within the island’s community.