dōTERRA Essential Oils from Align
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dōTERRA Kits

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and
other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. If you have ever enjoyed
the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of freshly cut mint, you have experienced
the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Essential oils can lift the mood, calm the senses, and elicit
powerful emotional responses. Yet the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal.

Introducing Mamma Jones

Introducing Nikolett ``Mamma`` Jones to the Align team, as our in house dōTERRA wellness advocate. Our Essential Oils Wellness Clinic with Nikolett is avaialble on Wednesday evenings between 7pm-9pm and provide all you need to get started. Click the link to find out more about dates and tickets.




KIT 1 - Daily Nutrients / Whole Food Multivitamins

Our Daily Nutrients kit is for happy, healthy digestion. We carry a lot of stress in our gut, so eating good food and using 100% natural supplements is the way to a nutrient-dense and healthier lifestyle. The more we fuel our bodies with beneficial nutrients and a balanced diet, the more we can fulfil our potential. A heavy gut can cause pain and discomfort, fatigue and stress. dōTERRA uses ingredients that are also kind to tummies, as some vitamin and mineral supplements can cause an upset stomach. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Microplex VMz

Microplex VMz works as a food nutrient formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals to boost our overall wellness, providing nutrients that are often deficient in our modern diets. The formula includes a balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins presented in a patented glycoprotein matrix. Vegan Microplex VMz also contains chelated minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc for optimal bone and metabolic health. It’s known as a ‘tummy tamer’ and is taken four times per day with food. Add 22 vitamins and minerals to your daily diet, and feel the difference.


XEO OMEGA packs a powerful punch of goodness into our daily nutrient intake. A mega blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and a proprietary blend of marine and land-sourced omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, and support healthy immune function. This product is 100% natural and contains no milk or wheat products. Add 900 mg of pure, concentrated, molecularly filtered fish oil with 300 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA per daily serving, and 70 mg of other omega-3s to your daily diet along with the Microplex supplement for optimum gut health.




KIT 2 - Women’s Health and Wellness

This ‘dōTERRA Women’ curated kit is a girl’s best friend. Designed specifically for women, each of the items are made to support the diverse wellness factors around women’s health. From hormonal balance and strength to bone health, help with the menstrual cycle and menopausal health, this 100% natural pack supports better physical and mental wellbeing. Most female-specific health is influenced by hormones, our in-house hormonal wellness specialist can always provide further support and help.


ClaryCalm is a proprietary blend of essential oils that provides a soothing and calming aroma. A topical blend of clary sage, lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, ylang ylang, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and Vitex, ClaryCalm provides a cooling effect to the skin and helps promote a sense of well-being and balance.

Bone Nutrient Essential Complex

Bone Nutrient Essential Complex is specifically and scientifically tailored with bioavailable forms of natural nutrients that include vitamins C and D, plus calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that support healthy bone density.

  • Provides optimal levels of vitamins and minerals essential for developing and maintaining healthy bone mass and density
  • Provides 100 percent of the recommended daily amounts of calcium and magnesium
  • Supports healthy bones and overall health throughout a woman’s lifetime
  • Proprietary formula of the highest quality bone nutrients in bioavailable forms
  • Contains vitamin D2 and D3 to help bones absorb calcium
Phytoestrogen Essential Complex

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex for pre and peri-menopausal support. A balance of normal hormone levels will influence a woman’s good health and emotional well- being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is a blend of standardised plant phytoestrogens that support women’s hormone balance gently and naturally.

  • Provides supplemental dietary phytoestrogens that help balance and support normal hormone levels
  • Provides nutritional support for managing oestrogen metabolism
  • Can be used to complement a program of eating right, exercising, and hormone therapy to help minimise the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS and transition through menopause.
  • Supports healthy bones, heart, breast tissue and other body structures and functions as a women ages



KIT 3 - Pain & Inflammation

Pain and inflammation can be caused by all manner of issues and ailments. The food we eat, the injuries we sustain and the general physiological health we are predisposed to all factor into these commonplace problems. This 100% natural kit is packed full of wholesome ways to support better wellness in regard to managing pain and inflammation.

Copaiba Oil

Copaiba Oil has a potent antioxidant effect and is beneficial for our cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems, which all have an influence on pain and inflammation. It is widely used in cosmetic products including soaps, creams, lotions, and perfumes and is known to support clearer skin, lessening redness and scarring as well as helping even out wrinkles.

Deep Blue Rub

Deep Blue Rub is a topical cream formulated with a proprietary blend of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provide a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to painful areas of the body. The powerful essential oils within doTERRA’s top-selling Deep Blue essential oil blend consist of, Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus.

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex supplements are designed to ease pain and inflammation alongside a diet to complement those objectives. With fast acting frankincense included amongst other renowned essential oils, this go to supplement delivers polyphenol extracts of frankincense, turmeric, green tea, ginger, pomegranate, and grape seed, and is designed to provide soothing support to aching muscles and to other occasional discomfort.




KIT 4 - Emotional Wellbeing

The Emotional Wellbeing kits contains the top three calming essential oils. They are 100% natural and of the very highest purity and therefore quality. Use a few drops in an epsom salt bath, rub a few drops into your hands or wrists or diffuse in a dōTERRA diffuser; they are easy to use and can be transported around easily in a handbag or pocket. Quell anxiety and tension by inhaling the aromas of these highly effective oils for better emotional wellness. Each of these oils can be inhaled via a diffuser or by rolling a few drops in your hands or wrists. For a restful bath, as a couple of drops to the water and lay back and enjoy the beneficial sects to your emotional and spiritual health.

Balance essential oil

Balance essential oil creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. Perfectly blended spruce, ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy, and blue chamomile combined with fractionated coconut oil come together to promote tranquility, rest and relaxation. Spruce, one of the oils in doTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony and balance to the mind/body connection.

Serenity essential oil

Serenity essential oil works with the soothing scents from the lavender flower and other relaxing essential oils, such as cedarwood, ho wood Leaf, ylang ylang flower, marjoram leaf, Roman chamomile flower, vetiver root, vanilla bean and Hawaiian sandalwood. Reducing tension and promoting better sleep means taking time out and eating right as well as sleeping well and practicing self-care. Serenity essential oil is a go-to scent for self-care and mindfulness.

Wild Orange Oil

Wild Orange Oil is the energising addition to this kit for emotional wellbeing. Sometimes we need little pep up and this essential oil has the perfect powerful punch for that. Wild orange is a potent cleanser and purifying agent that works to promote stronger immune health and a boost to the system. The aroma evokes an up-lifting atmosphere and is ideal for days where we feel a little dull or fatigued.

Copaiba Oil

Copaiba Oil has a fragrant, woody scent and acts as a calming anecdote to anxiety or stress. Its grounding effects are felt through the nervous system and so can help enable tranquility. Copaiba oil supports the overall health of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, immune, and respiratory systems and has been used for centuries for its antioxidant properties and benefits.




KIT 5 - Gut Health

Our Gut Health Kit is designed to help you achieve a happy gut. Our gut is a part of our body which is important for both physical and mental wellness. Stress, inflammation, fatigue and many more common issues and ailments all stem from poor gut health. A healthy tummy is critical for optimal digestive function and immune system support. This kit offers a 100% natural supplement to support better gut health and should be used alongside a balanced diet

+PB ASSIST probiotics

+PB ASSIST probiotics certainly pep up an unhappy gut. It is a proprietary formula of pre-biotic fibre and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double- layer vegetable capsule. Our +PB ASSIST delivers 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotics, which encourage friendly bacteria.

+PB ASSIST will support better gut health and also:

  • Promote a positive balance and proliferation of beneficial bacteria
  • Maintain healthy intestinal microflora balance
  • Support healthy functioning of the digestive and immune systems
  • Support the health of the GI tract, particularly the intestines and colon
  • Help support optimal metabolism and absorption of food
ZenGest Oil

ZenGest’s calming properties of Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway all help promote a happy tummy. It can be diffused for its licorice aroma, applied topically to the abdomen (with coconut oil, or whatever your favourite base oil is), or taken internally in vegetable capsules. A bloated or irritable tummy can be soothed by using ZenGest for gentle massage in circular motions. Many women report that ZenGest helps alleviate menstrual cramps and provides a comforting scent and sensation that aids rest and relaxation.




KIT 6 - Sleep Better

This 100% natural kit contains three essential oils to aid better quality sleep. Many people struggle to switch off and sleep deep enough and without sufficient sleep, we suffer from a multitude of problems. Lack of sleep can effect our work, our family time, our creativity and ability to perform ordinary daily tasks. Feeling lacklustre and wiped out can also lead to issues with our physical health. In order to function fully and feel our very best, we need to rest and sleep and let our bodies recharge.

Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil gives off a warm, woody scent that helps bring about a notion of calm. This potent plant is native to cold climates, thriving in high altitudes and growing up to 100 feet. Reminiscent of its size and strength, cedarwood has a grounding aroma that evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. When applied topically, cedarwood has clarifying properties. Additionally, cedarwood is frequently used in massage therapy to relax and soothe the mind and body.

Vetvier essential oil

Vetvier essential oil stems from a grass plant that gives off an exotic and rich aroma. It is frequently used in perfumes and is known to have a grounding effect on emotions. The root of the vetiver grass grows downward and as such promotes soil stabilisation and prevents erosion, by aiding rest and an opportunity to recharge, it could be said that the vetiver oil does the same for us; allowing us to feel grounded and calm.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil needs little to no explanation as it is widely regarded as the oil that best aids sleep. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume. Its attributed to peace and relaxation and is an ideal go-to oil for any time of day whereby you might want to take a moment and reset or reduce tension or anxiety. Lavender oil is nature’s solution to a good night’s sleep and peace of mind.


Price on application


KIT 7 - Customised Kits, made just for you

The contents of this bespoke kit will really depend on you. In order to ascertain the best dōTERRA products for you, our in-house essential oils and hormone specialist, Nikolett Jones offers a thorough consultation to find out your exact needs. Customised kits provide a detailed guide and support with your essential oils wellness programme. With our combined chiropractic services, we advocate bolstering the benefits with essential oils and to see results, we advise a minimum three month programme. Find a natural wellness support for issues such as, gut cleansing, ear infections, kids immunity, sinus and breathing, seasonal related symptoms (from colds to hay-fever), women’s health, emotional wellbeing....the potential is endless.


Visit our sister shop ESSENTIALOIL-SHOP.COM for more products and kits. Use the coupon code ALIGN on checkout. Or send a message via our contact form or call us on 01534 789367 for more information..