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Putting the ‘treat’ into treatments at Align

As we steer somewhat abruptly into the colder months, the October chill beginning to override the warmth of summer, Align is pleased to be adding some rather comforting new services. We spend a lot of time promoting the solutions attributed to a preventative and better physical healthcare, with pre or post-op measures or during pregnancy and following childbirth and we are dab hands at helping those of you with chronic pain and other ailments and issues. But did you know that Align is also the place that puts the ‘treat’ into treatment?

Sometimes a trip to Align can be for no other reason than a bit of self-care. It’s as important to practice self-care as it is to eat well and exercise. Self-love or self-care might mean a long soak in the bath with a face mask, time to meditate and create a beautiful meal; it may mean taking time to read or bask in something that brings you joy, whatever that might be. For many people though, relaxing massage and other such treatments provide the ideal opportunity to reset and recharge within a soothing environment for a real ‘time-out’.

If you’ve never experienced a hot stone massage or calming reflexology treatment, then you really ought to give it a try, especially for those of you who enjoy a restful and restorative treatment to forget those end of summer blues. Aside from the obvious effect on your wellbeing, massage and reflexology, reiki and other such therapies bring with them an array of mind and body health benefits.

Align’s location is convenient with free parking on site. We are open six days a week and offer the perfect place to relax and unwind. Our clinic is contemporary and clean and the treatment rooms showcase an incredible view, relaxing atmosphere and herbal teas for your enjoyment. Indulging in a treatment is a form of self-care and at this time of year we need it most; building our immune systems and working our way into the new pace of the season. So why not take time for yourself and book in to see one of our expert therapists, a bit of self-care goes a long way.



What happens in hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage takes water-warmed stones and uses them to help accentuate a traditional massage. In order to better translate the heat from the water to your body, most hot stone massages use basalt, a type of volcanic rock that has a porous surface that allows the heat to radiate evenly across the body. These stones are heated between 130 and 145°F are placed on top of a sheet or towel on various parts of the body, such as:

• The stomach
• The chest
• The face
• The palms
• The spinal column
• The feet and toes

Depending on where you hold the most tension, your trained massage specialist will centre these stones in such a way as to provide continual relaxation and healing throughout your session. These stones may be left as they are, or may be used by the massage therapist for Swedish hot stone massage techniques, which include tapping, kneading, circular strokes, long strokes, and vibrations, among other movements. This can help stimulate blood flow and loosen up any knots along your body.

Aside from the reason to treat yourself this autumn, your hot stone massage can also help with

• Reduce pain and tension in muscles
• Lower heart rate, stress and anxiety
• Reduce insomnia and fractious sleep
• Reduce chronic inflammation and symptoms from autoimmune diseases
• Improved immunity
• Beneficial for gut health
• Can help reduce cancer symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and pain


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Marie-Chrstine Dix
Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) M.Chiro & Managing Director

Jersey-born chiropractor Marie-Christine, is dedicated to promoting good health choices within the island’s community.