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Empowerment Coach

Empowerment Coach

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Empowerment Coach

The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

What is an Empowerment Coach

An empowerment coach helps you access your inner power to transform your life. They will work on the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual side of who you are. They show you how to like yourself, how to believe in yourself and how to find the confidence to enrich your life. Coaching is a proven way for you to better yourself. Every body deserves to be happy, everybody has a right to be themselves, coaching will help you do this.

An Empowerment Coach will help you clear away anything that is causing a negative impact on your life. Coaching shows you simple and effective ways on how to relax and let go of the things that may be stopping you from moving forward. An Empowerment Coach will only empower you to make the necessary changes, they will never tell you to make those changes.

Help for when you feel stuck

When we are totally engrossed in the chaos of life, we will view our world from a distorted perspective. We may make judgements and see ourselves as the victim. When things get really bad, we will blame everyone around us for the life we have, especially those closest to us.

When we complain about our life and the situation that we are in, without searching for a solution, it can feel like digging ourselves into even deeper despair. An Empowerment Coach will give you the tools to show you how you can dig yourself out and stay out.

How can it change my life?

The benefits that you can receive from seeing an Empowerment Coach are beyond life changing. Not only will you grow and expand as a person you will gain the confidence to see who and or what it is that is preventing you from moving forward. Getting rid of things that prevent you from evolving is crucial for it is only then that you can really start to plan for that life that you truly desire.

Working with an Empowerment Coach will allow you to see your world and your life in a new light. You will become the creator of your life rather than the reactor and you will learn to make decisions that strengthen the bond with yourself and others. You will learn how to keep harmony in your life even when you are surrounded by chaos. You will deepen your sense of knowing what life is all about because you will have more clarity of sight to see what is going on around you. You will be able to clear your mind and finally understand what you need to become happy, balanced, whole and in-tune.

The benefits of an Empowerment Coach
  • Empowers you to be more confident and stronger
  • Become the creator of your life not the reactor
  • Free yourself what whatever it is that is holding you back
  • Freeing yourself from those beliefs that are not beneficial
  • Helping you to see that there are resolutions
  • Free yourself from stress and anxiety
  • Maintain being emotionally balanced
  • Learn to let things go easily
  • See opportunities where you used to see problems
  • See that there is a way to move forward
  • Talk with someone in a confidential and non judging setting
  • Feel more happy within your life
  • Balance to the whole self
  • Focus on the present
  • Change your mindset
  • Live in the ‘Now’
  • Gratitude for what it is that you do have
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Become aware of the words you are using
  • Take the time to feel relaxed and not feel guilty
  • Release deep rooted emotions
  • Get to know and like the person that you are
  • Become best friends not enemies
  • Help you be authentic
  • Feel a lift in your energy
  • Discover your own answers
  • Become best friends with self instead of enemies
  • Maintain balance in both your business and personal life
  • Empowering parents to feel confident in spending time with the children
  • Releasing the trauma from the birthing experience for yourself and baby
  • Giving your babies the best start in life with no physical and emotional trauma
  • Helping children through the stages of life
  • Relaxation techniques for children, teenagers and adults
  • Bringing a balance to your physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life


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Align Treatment Professionals

All of Align’s specialists are fully insured and adhere to the highest industry standards.


Julie Dryburgh

Empowerment Coach

Julie has always had a gift of being very intuitive but didn’t really start harnessing that gift until she was 18 years old whereby, she started learning Reiki and from then on she has had an amazing journey of self-improvement and helping others. Julie is a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Life/Spiritual/Intuitive Coach, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Theta Practitioner (working on your beliefs), Energy Healing, Angel Card Reader. Julie will also be expanding her skills in the following; Hypnotherapy Certification, Sacred Sound & Breath Meditation, Between Lives Regression – Hypnosis Between & Beyond. Julie is a very spiritual individual who believes that our lives and growth challenge us but in doing so it opens us up to compassion, love, and things that make our lives fuller and richer. Julie has written articles for a variety of magazines, here in Jersey and has contributed to the Jersey Evening Post. She has featured on BBC Radio Jersey as an advocate for creating a work / life Balance. She says, “It’s all about achieving a balance in a world that is forever getting faster and more stressful”. She offers workshops/talks on ways of reducing stress within the workplace and home life and also offers 1-1 private sessions in her clinic or in the comfort of your own home. Julie is very versatile in how she works and can create a programme that will be unique to you. Should you need to have a free chat with Julie, she is very happy to do this. Not only does Julie work in Jersey but she also has travelled to the Bahamas, California, Ireland, and Iceland working with people on a 1-1 basis on in a group format.


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What Our Customers Have To Say

Yann is a lovely, bouncy boy whose conditions include hyperactivity and difficulties with perception and his senses, which affect his behaviour and handwriting. He is also hyper-vigilant and was struggling at school. Yann loves his sessions and his symptoms have improved substantially; he sleeps better, has a much healthier appetite and his handwriting has improved. His experience of school is a lot more positive and his hyper-vigilance has reduced (except when anxious or tired).


I was having a difficult time at school, feeling stressed and emotional. The treatment was really relaxing and Julie made me feel at ease. I felt great afterwards and much happier, as if things were going to be easier to deal with.


age 15

I had constant muzzy head, fatigue, balance, night sweats and neck pain; welcome to the menopause – HRT was prescribed. I also had tingling in the fingers, which was diagnosed as poly carpal syndrome for which surgery was recommended. After CranioSacral therapy… NO HRT, and NO surgery for me.


My teenage daughter has had a few treatments and is always ‘a different kid’ afterwards; visibly much happier and more relaxed, which is wonderful during exams and stressful teenage years. As well as releasing stress, Julie’s CranioSacral sessions have also greatly helped with easing aches and pains.


I had been having severe pain problems with my right arm and shoulder. Julie found the source of that problem in the first session and the symptoms resolved. She also identified things that had happened to my body in the past, without any prior prompts, and has been working to resolve those too. I feel so wonderfully relaxed and at peace during my sessions.


I had no experience of CranioSacral therapy, even though I have been a therapist and tutor of alternative/complementary therapies for many years. I must admit I was amazed at both the treatment itself and the skill with which Julie applied it. I could almost feel the effect as it happened.


When I first went to see Julie I felt that my life was stuck. I was in an unsuitable job which was bringing me down, but for some reason I could not move on. From the beginning the results were remarkable. I was invited to three interviews and within six months had found a new job where I am far happier. I have regained my ‘joie de vivre’ and life keeps getting better.


I have recommended Julie’s treatments to many friends and also to patients who have pains which doctors struggle to explain and can often be caused by stress which needs releasing in the central nervous system rather than injury. They have also seen great results.


I was shocked how such a gentle, relaxing technique could work such miracles. After just one session I felt so much 'lighter' and able to cope, as well as helping with my migraines.  I then booked my teenage daughter in with Julie as she had become very emotional due to hormones and major changes in our family circumstances; again, with just one session, she felt so much relief and was so much happier.