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Join The Dots

Our signature service

Join The Dots is one of our signature services. As the name implies, we have designed the service to help you join the dots - to help you figure out what’s going on with your health, offering you guidance on what or who may be able to help and what next steps you need to take, be it within the public or private sectors.

In an era where we are working harder, faster, longer, good health couldn’t be more important. We are here to speed up the process of finding out what’s wrong, obtaining you the correct care and getting you well, helping you be the best version of you.

Do I need to Join The Dots?
  • Have you ever felt like different areas of your body are falling apart, yet none of them “appear” to be related?
  • Have you ever “just not felt your best” and been unable to put your finger on what’s wrong?
  • Have you got minor, yet frustrating “niggles” that you can live with but would rather not?
  • Have you any ailments or injuries that “no one” has been able to help with?
How it works

Join The Dots has been designed as a diagnosis and advisory service. We will carry out an in-depth consultation at which we aim to identify the necessary specific, important information regarding your complaint at the same time as establishing a view of your whole health. This detailed assessment, which includes other tests or x-rays that you may have already had through other health care practitioners, enables us to provide you a working diagnosis and we can start to formulate a tailored plan to address your needs.

As part of this service we also offer a ‘Whole Health MOT’ consisting of blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), heart rate, postural assessment, movement screen, range of motion testing, orthopaedic testing, neurological assessment (nerve testing) and, where indicated, a physical examination of the abdomen and organ structures.

Using the above information and a lifestyle questionnaire, we will also  calculate a “wellness score” providing you with a measurable marker of overall wellbeing and health.

All of these assessments enable us to create an ongoing, tailor made health improvement plan which will include lifestyle coaching. This plan, which will be presented as a “report of findings” (ROF) in a one-on-one meeting with a chiropractor, will include:

  • What is wrong and (where possible) a diagnosis given
  • A suggested plan of management including:
    • Dos and don’ts
    • Who or what specialists the client may need to see / seek help from and a list of contact details if not provided by Align
    • Details on any further tests required to complete the clinical picture and ascertain an affirmative diagnosis. Support in organising this, for example letters to relevant departments such as GPs, hospital departments or arranging private x-rays / MRIs
    • Onward referral letters if required
    • Advice on options for ongoing management
    • Detailed information or links to learn more about the diagnosis
    • Details on in-house services that Align offers that will help with ongoing management / rehabilitation, along with any offers or discounts that are applicable.
Would I benefit from Join The Dots?

Yes. Whether you simply wish to have a periodic ‘MOT’ or have specific health concerns.

You may have suffered for years with an ailment or ailments that no one has been able to offer any answers or advice for. You may have ‘minor niggles’ that western medicine can’t explain that you can live with, but would rather not. You may be on healthcare waiting lists and need advice on what to do and who to see in the meantime.

What does it cost?

A one off cost of £299, which includes:

  • Examination
  • Clinical testing
  • ROF (including folder)
  • Wellness score
  • Whole health MOT
  • Up to two referral letters if required*

*Any further letters or referral requests would be charged at the standard fee of £20 per letter/referral.


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