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Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has ‘reflex’ points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body. Both the mind and body may be worked through the feet bringing about homeostasis enabling the body to physically heal itself as well as calm the mind and stabilise emotional stresses.

Reflexology (60 mins)£65

Add on (15 mins) – crystal healing/energy healing


Prepaid block: Buy 6 + 1 FREE (14% off)

What is reflexology?

At Align we use a range of applied reflexology techniques targeting any problem areas or health issues, acute or chronic. We provide a personalised treatment and collaboratively develop a treatment strategy.

Reflexology is used for general wellbeing maintenance so you don’t have to have specific symptoms; some people enjoy reflexology as part of an overall wellness plan. It a very relaxing treatment, perfect for some ‘you’ time and for bringing back a spring in your step.

What are the potential benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology is known to help with a number of problems and has been known to bring about many beneficial effects:

  • Relieve the effects of stress
  • Improve and support the immune system
  • Increase circulation
  • Clear the body of toxins
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve digestion
  • Eliminate waste from the body
  • Promote relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve and balance hormonal function
  • Relax tense muscles and ligaments
  • Improve nerve function
  • Improve sleep


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Align specialist

All of Align’s specialists are fully insured and adhere to the highest industry standards.


Magda Branecka


A highly skilled practitioner, Magda is trained in the therapy of reflexology. Through her treatments, she is able to bring about balance between mind and body, through refined techniques and ancient practice of pressure points within the feet, hands or even ears. Supported by six years of Tai Chi training, Magda is a dedicated specialist in the remit of using Qi energy for healing and wellness. Releasing blockages in your own energy field, clients can feel a reduction in stress, anxiety, pain or mental sluggishness. As a reflexologist, Magda works with all ages and abilities to enable better overall health, but these treatments are also known to help acute issues too, so feel free to contact Magda today to see how she may be able to help you. Reflexology is safe and relaxing and Magda is a friendly therapist with an intuitive skill that compliments her qualifications and experience.


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