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Clinic Policy

We are always delighted to see new patients who have made the exciting step to begin treating and caring for themselves.

Treatment Visits

It is essential to the smooth operation of the clinic that all patients are punctual for their appointment; those who are on time will be given priority over those who may arrive late.

The general response to care is a gradual improvement in the symptoms of your condition and return to normal function depending on how long the problem has been there for. Each session builds on the last. We recommend when care is underway that you keep to your appointment schedule as cancelling or missing appointments can result in delays in getting better. Most forms of care usually don’t require you to remove your clothes, but occasionally some forms of treatment may require some items of clothing to be removed. Gowns are provided, as are private rooms.

Booking an appointment

Book in advance – To secure times that are best suited to you. Please note that before and after work are our busiest times.

Re-arranging an appointment – To avoid a cancellation charge you must provide us twenty four hours’ notice or you will be charged a cancellation fee Less than 24 hours, No Show or on the Day Cancellation –You will be charged the full fee for your appointment. We send automatic text & email reminders two days in advanced to assist you in remembering your appointment.

Administration charge of £5 will be added per treatment if not paid directly after your treatment and is placed on account

Online Booking – Visit our website www.align.je and register to manage your bookings on line, please note you will need to make sure your email address and details we hold on file are correct for your details to link up correctly with our system.

Text & email reminders – If you provide us with a mobile number we will send you a reminder text the 2 days before your appointment is scheduled (or on a Friday if your appointment is on a Monday), likewise if you provide us with your current email address.


Chiropractic & Osteopathy 1st Examination – Adults £80, under 16 year olds £60, under 4 year olds £52

Report of Findings (including treatment) – Adults £65, under 16 year olds £45, under 4 year olds £40

Ongoing Chiropractic & Osteopathy Care – Adults £57 to £70, under 16 year olds £45, under 4 year olds £40

X-Rays – Fees vary depending on how many and which views are required at the General Hospital or Jersey X-Ray Services, Suite 2.1, Lido Medical Centre.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy – 1 hour session £95

Sports Massage – 1 hour session £55

Full Body Massage – 1 hour and half session £80

Mini Sports Massage – 30mins sessions £35

Pregnancy Massage – Every session £55

Nutritional Essential Examination – Adult £90 per hour session & £65 per Child

Nutritional Follow up Examination – Adult £75 per hour session & £55 per Child

Dr Sebagh Facial – 1 hour session £75

CranioSacral – Consultation session £80

CranioSacral – Follow up session £65

Health Providers – We are insured with most major health providers. It is important to let us know and notify your insurers at the beginning of your care, as they can refuse you cover if they were not notified at the very beginning of your care.

Please settle your bill at the end of each treatment or you can incur a £5 administration charge; we accept cash, cheques and all credit/debit cards (apart from American Express)

Money-saving Incentives

10% discount – when you pre-pay for 10 treatments in advance.

Refer a Friend scheme – when referring a new patient to us you will receive a discount of £5 off your next visit, refer three and you will also receive a free treatment.

Facebook/Website – In order to keep up-to-date with our special offers and news on our events, follow us on Facebook and visit subscribe:


Response & Side Effects

Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Massage – All forms of medicine carry some element of risk, but fortunately for us all, our treatments are among the safest forms of care available. In a small number of cases after the initial treatments some patients can have significant side effects 12-24 hours. This is entirely normal and your practitioner or therapist can outline some easy techniques to combat this. Although there is no evidence to suggest serious complications after any of our treatments, some reports have suggested a link between certain side effects. These complications are extremely rare and may only occur in 1 to 5 million treatments. It is important to realise that our treatments are much safer than medical drugs such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories. However, if you are in a risk category your practitioner or therapist will inform you of this and might suggest a conservative care plan.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy – We agree to work together to address the issues presented by you, however, because of the individual nature of the treatment, no guarantee of a cure can be given. Your welfare is our primary concern and will only take second place if not to do so would seriously jeopardise other members of the public or our employee’s welfare or your own. It is your responsibility to ensure you have answered all the questions regarding your current wellbeing and your medical history accurately, and also to inform us of any issues which you believe may be relevant to your treatment. We will ensure that your confidentiality is maintained however, information could be disclosed without your consent under a Court Order (civil, criminal or coroner’s Court) or in circumstances where in our professional opinion we have reason to believe that you or others may be at risk of serious harm.

Our Promise

It is impossible to guarantee results when dealing with health care issues and pain, however, like all good private medical institutions; Align succeeds due to satisfied patients. We place great trust in our patients, being our biggest asset and advocate, and the simple truth is the quicker we get you better, the happier you are, the more people you will tell about our care.

During your Follow up appointments, you will have the opportunity to discuss extensively every aspect of your initial care plan. This is a very important part of the process and we take pride in our ability to educate and inform you before any care commences. Please ask any questions that may concern you in order to help you understand your body and health.

Contact details

Reception telephone: 01534 789 367

Reception email: info@align.je