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Successful organisations that perform well understand the link between healthy, energised employees and the bottom line. Good employee health is not a nice to have, but an essential component of any successful, progressive organisation, giving any company that invests in this area a clear competitive advantage to attract and retain the best people.

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Why do you need an employee health programme?

In Jersey, back pain and stress related illnesses are the most common reasons for people claiming Long and Short Term Incapacity Allowance. Those individuals who choose to stay at work in chronic pain, stressed or depressed often lack concentration and have reduced performance and productivity.

What is a tailor-made employee health program?

As part of our commitment to help raise awareness of good health and lifestyle choices in our community, we provide highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals for corporate talks and seminars on a variety of topics to suit the needs of our clients. We are experts in educating on employee health and have developed a series of unique and affordable packages which include massage, cognitive hypnotherapy and mind coaching in groups or individually, nutrition advice, personal training, yoga or meditation in groups and positive life coaching. All of these packages are designed to improve the health, energy and performance of your employees and to keep motivation on the up in the workplace. More organisations are now investing in their employees’ health and applying well run wellbeing strategies can boost productivity and reduce sickness levels.

What organisational outcomes can I expect?

You will have happy and healthy employees who are present and fully engaged. We aim to reduce stress and sickness absence in order to increase productivity and performance. We want you to be able to foster a culture of creativity, positivity, confidence and vitality. It has been demonstrated that organisations that focus on employee’s overall health have more loyal, dependable and committed employees as they feel that “their health is being invested in”.

What are the benefits for my employees?

We will strive to strengthen emotional and mental resilience and improve the powers of concentration and focus of your employees. We aim to enhance their emotional intelligence and further develop people skills. Some of the techniques we use can help relax neck, shoulders and back musculature to reduce and prevent pain, in turn relieving a number of potential complaints such as tension headaches, migraines, anxiety, and stress. Cognitive hypnotherapy and mind coaching can also help with various issues including exam pressures, presenting skills, positive thinking, stress and anxiety. We aim to uplift overall mood and wellbeing, helping to create a healthy work/life balance.

Is there a return for my business?

If you tackle workplace stress by educating your employees on how to better their overall health, UK Government statistics have already shown that you can significantly improve working life for your employees, all with a knock-on benefit of reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover. This is why more organistions have a vested interest in looking after their employees and building effective wellbeing programs.

We are already health partners for some local companies and have had positive feedback from all we provide services for:

Jersey Electricity hosted two taster sessions with employees, presented by Align (formally known as Lido Wellness Centre). The sessions were aimed at highlighting triggers of stress and how to identify them in ourselves and others, offering some useful tips on how to combat unwanted effects and potential physical implications.

Marie-Christine and Amanda were both very informative and displayed a high level of knowledge and experience in their field to answer very diverse questions coming from those in attendance. As a result, many employees are now registered to undergo regular treatment for a variety of issues, each having been identified thanks to the information provided at the short seminars.

Our employees’ health and safety is very important to us at Jersey Electricity, so this type of initiative is always well-received and is a good opportunity for us to ensure our teams feel taken care of and valued for what they do, whichever side of the business they are in. Feedback on these events was very good and, as above, has led to individuals taking action to deal with issues which, in some cases, have gone untreated for several years due to a lack of knowledge about causes and symptoms.

As Employee Wellness initiatives become a larger part of the employment offering at Jersey Electricity, we will continue to look at ways to partner with Align to help deliver continuous improvement in overall health and wellbeing.


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Kelly Keating

Operations Director

Operations Director Kelly is one of the four founders of Align and is a qualified HR professional with over 10 years’ experience in this field. Kelly not only runs the day to day operations within the agency, she also motivates and encourages its employees, concentrating her efforts on instilling the agency’s culture and values to all. As a mother of three and having worked in pressured jobs within the finance industry for many years she understands the stress and strains of modern day family life. She feels privileged to work in an environment that is united and dedicated to educating the young and the old on the importance of good health, in a world where we need to better connect. Kelly’s passion for Align and its vision, collaborating with Align’s team, educating the community and her commitment to meeting clients’ expectations is what drives her on a daily basis.